Why should you choose the cloud for your IT solutions?

On-premise implementations of hardware and software can be extremely expensive to deploy, upgrade, and maintain. Busy business owners have enough to worry about without juggling the constantly-changing requirements around security, storage, scalability, user access, Single Sign-on and other factors that consume and/or waste time and resources. By leveraging cloud solutions through Red Cup IT, clients can take advantage of the newest technologies to meet their needs and offload the IT headache, without sacrificing functionality.

Systems Integration

New technologies only work when they streamline your business processes by leveraging the legacy data you have amassed to-date to achieve your goals. Red Cup IT leverages the depth of our consulting team’s knowledge to help clients identify and implement the best cloud technologies for their business. Tying together existing systems with business logic and workflow helps business owners gain insights across their install base to drive incremental client capture AND nurture client retention – we can show you how!